Best hotel in Agva with it's perfect location by the river.

Everything about the Lethe Hotel will make you feel as if you were staying in a palace,

from the lovely gardens to the exquisite architecture to the beautiful decor..

2018 - Certificate of Excellence Tripadvisor Award-Winner Lethe Exclusive Hotel 2017 - Guest Review Awards Award-Winner Lethe Exclusive Hotel

Lethe Exclusive Hotel is an award winning boutique hotel in Agva.

Thanks to good reviews of our guests, we are working everyday for better hotel experience and new awards.


Lethe has brought fresh and organic food alternative to Agva. With a relaxed atmosphere by the river and decorated with authentic items, we mix the right blend of ingredients and flavours to fill your mind, body and heart. All of our food is supplied fresh at our location in Agva, where you can also attend events to help you become your best self.


A unique concept among Agva hotels

River and nature will inspire you. Charming, award-winner boutique hotel located at riverside in Agva, Goksu river. Feel relaxed against the sparkling waters of the river, backed up by trees and adorned with vibrant nature colors, Lethe Exclusive Hotel is a home to beauty lovers at Agva, Istanbul. With fireplace & private pool at large rooms, you can feel the nature with luxury comfort. Lethe is a family owned and operated boutique hotel at Agva.